Secure Fire and Emergency Medical Services for the Future!

Annexation Unifies Fire District 1 and Port Townsend

Secure our excellent Fire and Emergency Medical Services for the future

Annexation Means Better Fire and Emergency Medical Service

Serving East Jefferson County Neighborhoods

The stable funding and simplified  governance brought by Annexation enables better planning, capital investment, and more hires and training as our communities adapt to population changes, growth, and the increased fire risk due to climate change. 

United By A Common Goal


We have great Fire & EMS service and everyone wants it to continue. The merger of the Port Townsend  contract service area into FD 1 stabilizes funding and simplifies governance by ending the need for constant contract negotiations between City Council and the FD1. It means everyone served pays the same tax rate and everyone gets a vote on governance.

Images of  East Jefferson Fire Rescue at work.

Whatever the Fire or Medical Emergency, the skilled professionals and volunteers of East Jefferson Fire Rescue are there fast.  Over 10 years ago FD1 and the City started an experiment to see if merging the two fire and EMS departments would lead to better service. It has. Annexation removes this unified service area from future City-County politics  for the benefit of everyone. Annexation is supported FD1, the City, and EJFR.

Who we Are

We are your neighbors from around District 1 and the City. We formed this committee  to pass Annexation in the February election because we want politics out of fire and EMS financing, budgeting and governance. Annexation creates a unified special services district just like we have for other critical basic support services. Here's our names in alphabetical order: 

  • Thad Bickling, Cape George
  • Bruce Carlson, Marrowstone
  • Mike Harte, Kala Point
  • Alec Jenson
  • David King, Port Townsend
  • Teri Nomura, Port Townsend
  • Al Smith, Marrowstone
  • Phyllis Leah Speser, Port Townsend
  • Dave Woodruff, Port Townsend
  • Emily Stewart, Port Townsend
  • Caton White, Port Ludlow